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Some of the Many Benefits of Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress


Relieving pressure points, aligning your spine and supporting your back, accommodating all sleeping positions, mitigating dust mites and helping allergy sufferers, and more, these beds offer many benefits and can help you get a great night’s sleep!

Relieving pressure points. Because memory foam mattresses adjust to your shape rather than causing upward resistance to your body (like springs and coils that push back and cause pressure), you are unlikely to experience any pressure point pain or discomfort.

Aligning your spine and supporting your back. Memory foam helps to align your spine by contouring to your body’s natural curves and keeping your spine in a comfortable, straight position. While other mattress materials cause weight to be concentrated on areas that are in contact with the mattress instead of being spread out more evenly. This concentration of weight can cause pain in the hips, shoulders, and heels.

Accommodating to all sleeping positions. Memory foam mattresses are a great option for back, stomach, and side sleepers and are offered in a wide range of firmness levels. If you sleep on your back, memory foam supports your spine and gives you lumbar support. If you sleep on your side, memory foam supports your shoulders and hips and keeps your spine aligned. If you sleep on your stomach, memory form keeps your back aligned and prevents pain from pressure points.

Mitigating dust mites and helping allergy sufferers. No matter how clean you keep your bedroom, you probably have dust mites. This is especially true if your bed is a traditional innerspring mattress where 100,000 to 10,000,000 dust mites can reside! Fortunately, memory foam mattresses use material and are densely structured in a way that mitigates the number of dust mites. The dense structure of memory form not only discourages dust mites, but also limits mold, pet dander, and other allergens. Made from hypo-allergenic materials, memory foam mattresses are a must-have for allergy sufferers.

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