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Mattress Mart's 90-Night Comfort Guarantee

With our 90-Night Comfort Guarantee, you can buy with complete confidence that you won’t be stuck with a mattress that doesn’t meet your needs.

A new mattress is a substantial investment in your well-being, and although every effort is made to find the correct fit for you, we understand that in certain circumstances it may be necessary to exchange your mattress for one of a different comfort level.

Program Details:

  1. Mattress Mart offers only a comfort exchange and not a full refund.
  2. The 90-Night Comfort Guarantee applies to all non-custom purchases $599 and up. Guarantee applies to set purchases and mattress alone purchases if placed on a solid platform surface or adjustable base.
  3. You must try the bed for a minimum of 14 days. It is very common to NOT enjoy your new bed for the first few days and research has shown it may take several weeks for you acclimate to your new sleep surface. We have had cases of people taking up to two months to finally love their bed.
  4. Contact us within 90 days of delivery. Comfort guarantee starts when the bed is delivered, not when it was purchased.
  5. The cost for the exchange is $99. If you re-select a higher priced mattress, you would simply pay the difference plus the exchange fee. If you select a lower priced mattress, Mattress Mart will refund up to $300, minus the exchange fee, and the difference will be refunded.
  6. Any stain, rip, tear, odor, or damage will preclude any comfort exchange.


How will I receive my new mattress?

At Mattress Mart, we maintain the area’s largest in-stock, take-with selection, and many of our customers choose to take their new mattress home with them the same day it is purchased. In addition, we also offer convenient delivery, set-up, and removal programs. Our deliveries are punctual and occur within a two-hour time frame that we set up with you when you purchase your mattress. We will even help relocate your old mattress to another bedroom within your home. Please contact us for complete details.

May I purchase a mattress or box spring separate from the set?

Absolutely! At Mattress Mart we are happy to split up sets and offer you only the products you need. Just be sure that you are not voiding your warranty when purchasing a single piece and that you are replacing all of the defective components within your sleep set as a poor quality foundation will cause even the best mattress to sag before its time.


Keep in mind though, if the mattress is sagging because of an improper frame or sagging box, putting a new mattress on it will not solve the problem. In fact, it will just make the problem worse because you will now have a new bed that is sagging and you’re wondering why! Let’s make sure we take care of the problem and diagnose what you actually need.

What payment options does Mattress Mart offer?

At Mattress Mart, we accept:

  1. All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express).
  2. Many financing options with approved credit through Wells Fargo.
  3. No-Credit-Needed lease-purchase program through Acima Credit.
  4. The area’s most convenient and stress-free, in-store layaway program.
  5. Cash or local checks with proper identification.
Do I really need a new mattress?

Maybe and maybe not.

Your mattress doesn’t necessarily have to be falling apart for it to need replacing. If you’re tossing and turning at night and not getting the rest you need, there is the definite possibility that it may be due to a worn out mattress. Most experts suggest evaluating your mattress twice a year for comfort and support, although, in reality, you are more likely to just head to a store once you start to feel uncomfortable. If the cover on your mattress is threadbare or if your mattress is excessively sagging, you might want to start thinking about replacing your sleep set. After 10 years, you will probably find your current mattress considerably less comfortable than a new one. If you have recently moved and have more space in your bedroom, you may also want to consider moving up to a larger size for more room.

Is my mattress ruined if it is sagging?

Short answer: Not necessarily.

Although a sagging mattress may be a symptom of a worn out sleep set, it may also be caused by an unsupportive or worn out foundation, an improper bed frame, or the sagging may simply be the normal body impressions formed in a mattress. Compared to older mattresses, newer mattress sets will generally show some degree of body impressions, usually with indentations of up to 1-1/2″ being considered normal. Talking with one of our comfort consultants for a few minutes should be all that is necessary to determine what, if anything, is wrong with your mattress.

We are often able to help our customers keep their existing bed set by simply replacing their inappropriate bed frame. You wouldn’t believe the number of beds we encounter that only need extra reinforcement of the frame and not an entirely new set.

Should I replace the box springs when buying a new mattress?

The surface it is placed on is an integral part of any mattress set. Most newer box springs are rigid and serve primarily as a foundation, or riser, while most older box springs featured torsion modules, or even springs, that absorbed shock and were designed to work with older-style mattresses. It is often found that the real cause of an uncomfortable mattress is a defective or sagging box spring. If your mattress and box spring are both over 10 years old, you should strongly consider replacing both pieces when buying a new sleep set. Newer mattresses, especially today’s one-sided products, are designed to work specifically with their corresponding foundation. Realize that with some exceptions, mattress manufacturers do not offer a warranty when purchasing a mattress without a box spring. At Mattress Mart, we will be happy to help you determine if you need to replace your entire sleep set, just the mattress, or on some occasions, just a new box.

What is the shopping environment like at Mattress Mart? Will I be followed by pushy salespeople?

At Mattress Mart we go out of our way to offer a no-pressure shopping environment.

You will never be harassed by rude or aggressive salespeople at our sleep centers. We feature a relaxed showroom that promotes question-asking on your part. We want you to lie back and try as many mattresses as you like and inquire about things you may have read or seen regarding the mattress industry. At Mattress Mart we do not employ traditional salespeople, so you won’t be getting “The Pitch”. Instead of training our staff regarding sales techniques, we choose to personally educate our comfort consultants in a program that covers every aspect of mattress construction and technology. Our comfort consultants are available to help you find the best mattress for your individual needs through the use of bedding industry and university research-derived guidelines. At Mattress Mart our number one rule is to listen to your needs in order to help you find a solution to your problem.

We treat you as you would like to be treated – honestly, intelligently and with respect for your individual needs.

What makes Mattress Mart's "Never Undersold" guarantee so special?

Our policy is very simple: regardless of make or brand, we will not be undersold within our market region. We list the exact specifications of every product in our store so you may be informed of the content of any model you are considering. We are very consumer friendly and will help you to compare to similar mattresses from the same brand or comparable models offered by other brands. At Mattress Mart we price our products to be the lowest all the time – we do not rely on our customers to shop the market for us. Our stores were founded on the principles of customer service, selection, and guaranteed lowest prices, and we maintain these principles today at all of our Mattress Mart locations. – Please call if you have questions, we’d love to hear from you!


Our ‘Never Undersold” guarantee is not a slogan – it is a promise.

How does Mattress Mart's Price Guarantee work?

At Mattress Mart we not only want you to be completely satisfied with your new purchase, we want to ensure that you paid the best price. If you find the same item advertised for a lower price within 90 days of your purchase, simply bring in the ad and Mattress Mart will gladly refund 110% the price difference. Even if it’s not the same product or model, we will do our best to attempt to make an educated comparison and save you money.

*Price guarantee does not apply to special purchases, close-outs, or floor models. Shipping fees, taxes, and removal fees must be considered when comparing pricing.

Are the "Sale Price Discounts" offered at Mattress Mart accurate?

Mattress Mart will never advertise fictitious “50% Off” discounts – with certain exceptions on floor models or close-out items, these claims are false and are made in relation to made-up ‘Compare At’ prices. We maintain an Everyday Low Price, and we continuously monitor our industry to guarantee the lowest mattress prices in our region.


We will do our best to compare our products to identical merchandise from other stores or substantially similar products offered by other brands. We understand shopping for a mattress can be a frustrating and confusing process, but we are here to try and make it easier for you.


Whether you are here to browse or ask questions, we are here for you.